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Marion YuenMarion Yuen, president of The MYA Group, focuses on market development services in the fields of carbon mitigation, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Her specialty is in helping to bring emerging technologies and new or start-up businesses to market, by exploiting nascent opportunities and market ambiguities, developing collaborations, and serving as a strategy & communications advisor.

Marion has 25 years of professional experience. Her multi-disciplinary background and multi-cultural sensitivity enable her to bring value to clients and contexts that put premium emphasis on quantitative measurement and technical specialization.

Marion holds master's degrees in Communications from Columbia University Teachers College and in Biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley, and a bachelor's degree in Physics from Wellesley College. She also has a certificate in Strategic Environmental Management from New York University's Management Institute.

Previously as director of Business Strategy, Marion helped start up C-Lock Technology (Denver) where her roles included developing relationships with strategic partners and environmental/stakeholder organizations, formulating the company message, and business development. To this new technology company, she brought her relationships with a range of key participants in the greenhouse gas and green trading space.

Prior to establishing The MYA Group, Marion was director of Advisory Services and director of Research at Catalyst, manager of Technical Services at Simmons Market Research Bureau, and a research analyst at Hill & Knowlton Public Relations.

As president of The MYA Group, Marion created and produced the 2006 greenT Forum: Raising the Bar for Voluntary Environmental Credit Markets. She co-created the GreenTrading Summit series (2002-2005), and was contributor and co-editor of two books, GreenTrading: Commercial Opportunities for the Environment (2004) and Green Trading Markets: Developing the Second Wave (Elsevier 2005). In 2001, she organized a coalition of major power generators that sponsored the first Executive Conference on Safety in Fossil Power Plants. Previously, she produced investment conferences in the power and biotechnology spaces.

Marion has been a pioneer in industry-community collaboration. In the early '90s, she co-chaired the Advertising Research Foundation's Asian, Black and Hispanic Research Workshop, the first of its type in the industry. Also, she was an organizer for the first Asian American conference of the American Marketing Association of New York.

Marion has been a certified mediator and arbitrator in a variety of settings.